What is Waggle?

Waggle is a multi-chain launchpad specializing in fundraising, staking, and trading for primary and vested tokens.

What does Waggle do to benefit its users?

Waggle provides 3 key features within its ecosystem: Waggle Pollinate, Waggle Forage, and Waggle Hive.

How does Waggle stand out from the launchpad landscape?

Waggle focuses only on accelerating token sales for client projects with seed or private rounds, while also empowering the community with exclusive investment opportunities.

Waggle also converts vested token allocations into NFTs. NFT owners can then withdraw tokens according to the vesting schedule of each specific project. The NFT can also be traded with others on Waggle’s in-house marketplace.

What is KYC?

KYC or Know-Your-Customer, is an anti-money laundering policy that all primary investors must comply with. This means submitting documents to our KYC partner, Synaps, for verification purposes.

How do I use Waggle features?

Waggle is a multi-chain platform. Currently, you will need either a Solana wallet with SPL USDC in it (we recommend using Phantom wallet) or an ETH/BSC chain wallet with BEP-20 BUSD (we recommend using Metamask).

Waggle Pollinate is where you can invest in Pre-IDO or Post-IDO launches.

How do I buy $WAG?

Waggle’s token WAG which is used in the Hive Tier System, is available on several reputable exchanges such as Raydium and Gate.io.

You can also use other DEX aggregators like PRISM and Jupiter to buy WAG for ease of use.

How can I contact the team?

We have a Telegram group offering support in English which you are welcome to join.

Please beware of scammers on Telegram. They will message you, impersonating support or Waggle staff, and try to gain access to your wallet. Never give away your seed phrase or key. Genuine Waggle staff will never message you first. Expect all random messages to be scams.

Are there any community chats?

Yes, here is a full list of Telegram Community chatrooms:

Official Groups:

🇹🇷 @WaggleTurkey

🇰🇷 @wagglenetwork_KR

🇻🇳 @wagglenetwork_vn

🇯🇵 @waggle_network_jp

Unofficial Groups:

🇵🇰 @WagglePakistan

🇮🇳 @waggle_india

🇧🇷 @wagbrasil

🇨🇳 @waggle_network_cn

🇷🇺 @waggle_rus

How do I contact Waggle by email?

hello@waggle.network is our official email address.


What is Hive?

Hive is the platform staking function that is indispensable to Waggle Network. It’s also where our WAG token use case comes into play. To be able to make the most out of Waggle's core features, users or investors are recommended to stake a certain amount of our native token WAG.

How do I stake?

In order to stake in Waggle Hive, you need to prepare a Solana/SPL wallet. We recommend using Phantom wallet to have the best experience. In addition to Phantom, we also support Solflare and Sollet connections.

Please take note that Waggle currently does not support signing messages with Ledger Nano X/ Ledger Nano S on Solana Network to use platform functions.

Create a wallet

Learn how to create Phantom here: https://help.phantom.app/hc/en-us/articles/4406388623251-How-to-create-a-new-wallet

Connect Wallet

- Navigate to Hive https://app.waggle.network/staking

- At the center of the page, find and tap the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet


- There would be a minor change in the Staking UI after you successfully connect your wallet.

- Find and tab the "Stake" button, then you will see a new window pop up to select your suitable amount and lockup period.

- To finish staking, click "Confirm"


- You will be able to unstake at maturity at the end of the lockup period.

- It’s a similar process to Stake. After tokens are unstaked, you will receive your initial deposit capital in full.

Important: Each interaction with Hive staking will reset the stake period

What’s the key advantages of staking?

There are 2 main key benefits for staking: Exclusivity/Priority in Waggle Ecosystem and Staking APY including Bonus Rewards. As our platform evolves, more benefits for WAG stake will be introduced.

Specifically, when participating in Pollinate token sales, staking will give you more privileges that compose a Tier Ranking System.

What are the Tier ranks?

We have four ranks of Tier-Stakers, Mini Bee, Worker Bee, Drone Bee, and Queen Bee.

Each Tier has different allocation amounts, increasing from Mini Bee through to Queen Bee.

The higher the tier, the greater the rewards.

Mini Bee Tier - 100 WAG Staked

Worker Bee Tier - 1000 WAG Staked

Drone Bee Tier - 5000 WAG Staked

Queen Bee Tier - 10000 WAG Staked

Finally, there is a community tier for non-stakers to participate in if they complete certain social tasks and get selected in a lottery.

Please read this article to learn more about our Tier system: https://medium.com/@wagglenetwork/hive-construction-revamp-of-tiers-fcf74fc8325d


What is Pollinate?

Pollinate is our Pre-IDO and Post-IDO launchpad function that allows Waggle users to invest in private or seed rounds of projects brought to you by the Waggle team. Normally, investors at Waggle will appreciate a decent percentage discount compared to other launchpads.

How does Pollinate work?

You must apply to participate in each Pollinate project by joining the whitelist. If you are in the Drone or Queen Bee Tier, you are guaranteed an allocation. The other tiers are lottery based and FCFS.

To get a better Tier Weight, you can stake WAG in Hive to achieve a higher Tier Rank.

How do I participate in Waggle Pollinate?

All Pre-IDO and Post-IDO sales take place using our Pollinate function.

You can follow these simple steps to register for the Pollinate whitelist.

Step 1: Connect wallet

Step 2: Confirm your current Tier status

Step 3: Perform Social Tasks to increase chance of getting whitelisted (For Non-stakers, Mini & Worker Bee Tiers)

Do I need to KYC for Pollinate?

Yes, primary investments must comply with Anti-Money Laundering policies.

Is there a list of restricted countries?

Please keep in mind that the list of restricted countries is subject to change due to the ever-changing political landscape.You can see the current list using the /restrict command in our Telegram Group

The most up to date list of restricted countries is as follows:

Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, China, Cuba, DR Congo, Eritrea, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Republic of the Congo, Singapore, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United States, United States Virgin Islands, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

How do I join Pollinate?

All Pre and Post IDO sales take place using our Pollinate function. You’ll need to navigate to the project page on Pollinate at https://app.waggle.network/projects

Step 1: Scroll down and you’ll see your wallet address and Tier Level. If you have completed KYC successfully, you’ll be able to join the whitelist by clicking the large yellow button.

Step 2: Next you will see the legal disclaimer, you must read this document carefully before agreeing to participate in any project. Finally, click "Register for Whitelist"

Step 3: We recommend you to perform social tasks as it will increase your chances of getting on the whitelist.

What’s my allocation going to be like?

That depends on your Tier rank and also how many participants register and are able to complete KYC on time. Maximum allocations will be visible on the project page. Final allocations are normally made public an hour or so before the sales phase starts.

Why is my transaction failing?

Be sure to have some SOL in your wallet or whatever fees are required for the network you are trying to transact on.


What is Forage?

Forage is our in-house marketplace for primary investments. Users can buy and sell vesting tokens, which are wrapped in the form of an NFT, with other Waggle users.

As of now, Forage only supports trading for tokens that are sold on Waggle Pollinate.

How does Forage work?

You can browse by blockchain or by project name. You can also filter the results in various ways, such as from cheapest price by token to highest. Once you buy an NFT from Forage, you are able to claim the tokens locked within according to the vesting schedule.

How do I sell my NFT on Forage?

Selling on Forage is simple, but be sure to connect with the correct network in order to see your NFT’s on sale. If the project was a BSC project, you should connect to Waggle with metamask to see it.

Start by choosing the NFT you want to sell from the ‘My investment’ section of your dashboard. Click on the NFT, and a new page will open with options to either transfer your NFT to another wallet or sell your NFT on Forage.

You can decide what price to sell your NFT for by either choosing the amount per token or the total price for the whole NFT.

Important: While your NFT is listed on Forage, you cannot withdraw tokens from it and it will no longer be listed under your investment portfolio on the dashboard. You can remove the NFT from the Forage marketplace at any time you wish.

Do I need to KYC for Forage?

No. Forage is open to any user.

Pollinate NFT

Where are my tokens?

Your tokens are wrapped up inside an NFT card called “Pollinate NFT”, which can be interacted with using the Waggle website app. Your Pollinate NFT can be seen on the Waggle dashboard under Recent NFT Investments.

Where do the tokens go after I withdraw them from the NFT?

Tokens can be withdrawn directly from the Pollinate NFTs into your wallet. Be sure to connect the correct wallet that corresponds with the project blockchain. For example, if the project is Binance Smart Chain based, you must connect to the Waggle app with Metamask.

Can I claim them all at once?

You can only withdraw the tokens according to the vesting schedule of each project.

Where can I see the vesting schedule?

Information regarding the vesting schedule can be seen on the project page and on your Pollinate NFTs